DataGate has been proven for over twenty years of field operations by government and military agencies. DataGate has no equal. It merges multiple networks, satellite and terrestrial, with hardware made by a variety of manufacturers. GPS track and text communicate with a wide range of assets fixed location and mobile. 

These assets can include land vehicles, vessels, aircraft, and employees. DataGate network compatibility includes: 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular. UHF/VHF digital radios (NXDN, DMR, TETRA, ASTRO-25, MUPS). Inmarsat, Thuraya, and Iridium satellites.

DataGate installs on local servers or in the cloud. An encrypted version is also available with AES-256 encryption for law enforcement applications. It also allows the sharing of GPS and other data between agencies, each operating their own DataGate, or by encrypted ODB database sharing routed through an affiliated DataGate. These can be operated independently by other agencies, such as state police, sheriff’s departments, and local police departments. They can be hosted on local servers, in the cloud, or VPN networks (ODB) on a national basis. 

An Internet Platform that Merges
All of Your Devices and Network

Embed & Custom Web Interface

DataGate is including a web server allowing to instantly serve a secure web interface to users without any need to build and use complex web components. Our web platform is called WebGate, it is a Graphical User Interface allowing Web-Browser access to our server, providing you have the correct credentials. Allowing users to access the data from any web browser without installing software. Each user is assigned various permissions, ranging from simple read-only mapping to complete remote administrative control over assets and users. Mobile assets assigned to different departments can be fully segregated with each department seeing and communicating with their assets and field personnel. Senior management can be granted access to view and communicate with all field assets and personnel. Customise options let you put your logo, your url, SSL certifcates and custom colors.

Integrated Connectors into DataGate

DataGate is fully ready to send and receive Emails and SMS. It has an integrated complex email server inside that allows any alerts and notifications to be relayed by email but above all generate an email address for each assets added on the server. Groups of assets can also have their own email address for mass and/or automated texting.

DataGate is also able to connect to standard SMPP gateway and include also SMPP API connector with SMS provider such as ClickSend. This is also how some assets can have a fail-over link over SMS and send their text or GPS report though SMS instead of IP.

DataGate can be configured to output asset data packets on TCP connections. DataGate acts as a TCP server, and will accept connections on the TCP Server port from programmable IP addresses. Various text output formats are available including but not limited to Pipe, NMEA, CSV, SANAV, etc …

With DataGate XML enabled, DataGate provides a web service which can be used by clients to monitor and send messages to assets. This web service is located at the /xml page accessible via the standard DataGate web interface. DataGate supports two main formats: MultiSpeak and DataGate messages. Both formats use SOAP XML packets transported over HTTP.

DataGate can push data to an external web service using HTTP POST packets. Data can be formatted in various ways, depending on customer requirements.  Push can also be enabled per user account, allowing multiple feeds to be configured from a single server.

Simple TCP/IP connections can be used to send and receive transparent data to/from certain assets. 


Third parties can also use one of the web pages served by DataGate such as KML or RSS Web Feed. It It alows Web Clients to log in and download a KML list or GeoRSS feed of asset locations. These lists are accessed by adding “/kml” or “/rss” to the web address.

Provides a means for terminal clients to log in and set their IP address for secure access to remote devices.

Direct Satellite Interconnections

Iridium SBD & SMS

DataGate provides both SMS and SBD (Short Burst Data) Direct IP connection method to Iridium Gateway so that onboarding some Iridium devices has never been this easy and straightforward

Isat Data Pro & Bgan

DataGate has some direct setup to add both Inmarsat and Orbcomm IP source for IDP protocol. We have also more simple link to handle their satellite phone (SMS) and satellite modem (Bgan)

Spot & Simplex

DataGate offers various wyas to interconnect with Globalstar such as secure XML link with a VAR access to the Gateway. We do have also integrated the Spot family product with the same security level.

Thuraya IP & SMS

DataGate is including a unique SMPP direct gateway link with Thuraya Short Code SMS processor so that you can easily integrate any Thuraya devices from Satellite phones to maritime terminals

3rd Party Interfaces

Serve many different mapping options through the embedded map connectors inside DataGate. You can interact with some ESRI ArcGIS server serving Vector maps and more. DataGate can be interfaced with Google Map using Google Token or your own Google Enterprise Server. DataGate can also ingest WMS feed ingested

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Allow your radios to communicate
in ways you never thought were possible


DataGate adds extensive features which expand the reach of iCOM radio systems beyond their normal capabilities. We're now integrating the VE-PG4 gateway for even more wide integration in any other systems

FleetSync & Nexdge

DataGate works with Kenwood NEXEDGE, P25, analog, and FleetSync radios easily integrating well into any Kenwood radio system. Importantly AES-256 encryption is available for extra security.


Just like other LMR systems, Datalink’s DataGate adds LMR to email bridging, text messaging, multi-network merging, GPS locating, and many other features not traditionally available to your Hytera radio system.

P25 and TETRA

Currently DataGate works with analog and digital GPS tracking of BK portable and mobile radios with internal GPS modules or GPS equipped mics.We're looking to add soon TETRA compliance to our BK integration.