Hardware-Agnostic and Cross-Network
Universal Telematic & IoT Solutions

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What is DataGate ?

Datalink provides a universal and network-agnostic, self-hosted or cloud-based telematic and IoT platform allowing visualization and management or remote assets in near-real-time. Our client/server solution is defined as DataGate at the very heart of our system (the server) and WebGate allowing managers to track, command, and control assets in a comprehensive web interface.

DataGate has been proven for over twenty years of field operations by government and military agencies. DataGate has no equal. It merges multiple networks, satellite and terrestrial, with hardware made by a variety of manufacturers. GPS track and text communicate with a wide range of assets fixed location and mobile These assets can include land vehicles, vessels, aircraft, and ground personnel.

DataGate installs on local servers or in the cloud. A MilGate version is also available with AES-256 encryption for military and law enforcement applications.

Know about WebGate

An Interface that Gathers Together All Yours Assets on One Screen

WebGate is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) allowing web browser access to DataGate servers around the globe . Users access the DataGate gateways using secure credentials. This allows authorized personnel to access the DataGate control hub from any web browser.

WebGate can display any mobile asset, regardless if its linked to field personnel, fixed machinery, or vehicles and supports all levels of wireless communication including LMR, Cellular 4G-5G, Wi-Fi, Satellite and LoraWAN.

View mobile assets city wide or zoomed down to street level. WebGate is a live screen, you can display all GPS based assets stored in various 3rd party databases and updated within seconds along with GPS coordinates highlighted as they occur. DataGate also processes GPS and text data from LMR portable and mobile radios including ICOM, Kenwood, BK Technologies, and limited Motorola variants.


LMR & P25


Cellular M2M


Our Clients

After the Embassy And NATO HQ Attack on September 2011 in Kabul, the U.S. State Department approached Datalink Systems to order fast development of Datalink's DataGate to process a GPS Mapping interface to the EF-Johnson P25 Portable radios the Embassy Staff used when outside the Embassy Grounds. Datalink delivered a solution within two weeks.
September 2011
Skelton Truck Lines transported pharmaceuticals and blood products in temperature controlled mix environments throughout Canada and the USA. Live remote monitoring was paramount. To that end Datalink developed a dual monitoring solution based on cellular networks with automatic fall-over to Iridium Satellite Networks when cellular service was lost.
In 2008 Datalink Systems was contacted by the US Marshall's Service requesting more details about our solutions. There was nothing comparable in the United States. Two senior officers flew to Vancouver BC to meet in person and address the specific requirements for a DataGate Server and related Apps to be in mirrored operation on West and Eastern locations in the U.S.
2008 to present