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DataGate has been in use by government agencies around the globe for over ten years. DataGate-E is the latest iteration encompassing cellular, satellite, and commercial mobile radio networks. DataGate-E also encompasses several ESRI – ArcGIS options to integrate remote data with local GIS programs.

It also allows the sharing of GPS and other data on the fly between national security agencies and regional state agencies and municipalities operating their own law enforcement departments. DataGate-E can be CLOUD or local Windows Server based.

Datalink’s Vocalis PTToC for municipalities allows you to have encrypted team talk segmented by departments. Mobile Radio to Cellular Smartphones is also available. Vocalis can also be installed in personal smartphones (Android or iOS).

DataGate-E network compatibility includes: 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular. UHF/VHF digital radios, including (NXDN, DMR, TETRA, ASTRO-25, MUPS) and Iridium, Globalstar, Inmarsat and Thuraya satellites.

Zoom webinar presentations and free evaluation software are available upon request.


Make sure equipment is only used by those authorized.

Local Bus Routes

Public smartphone access to bus routes and live bus locations. Free WiFi for passengers


Track vehicles GPS location and maintenance schedules.

Works with Peplink Devices

DataGate-E is compatible with Peplink’s connectivity solutions. Peplink provides a wide array of mobile routers to keep you connected. From seamless satellite/cellular modems to the newest 4G/5G technology, Peplink has a device that fits your needs.

DataGate-E adds workstation maps, AIS, GPS, texting, and more with Vocalis two-way group PTT over 4G/5G.

Go Beyond Peplink InControl!

Go beyond Peplink InControl and connect with a choice of vehicle monitoring devices, passenger counters, reefer compartment temperature monitoring, and school bus monitoring for student safety. Report engine CAN BUS messages and lock out unqualified drivers.


The VOCX8 is a full-feature, ruggedized Android phone. It allows for greater functionality while still having physical PTT and SOS buttons. If you are comfortable with Android OS, you will already know how to use this device. With MIL-STD-810G certification the VOCX8 is incredibly rugged.


The VOC900B is perfect for replacing more traditional portable devices. The device includes physical PTT and SOS buttons. The VOC900B functions as an Android smartphone and a PoC network radio. Allowing you to stay connected no matter the network.


The VOC100 is the perfect option for in-vehicle PoC communications. The VOC100 runs on 12V meaning it is wired into and powered by your vehicle. The VOC100 comes with two external antennas for GPS and LTE, insuring that you have the strongest connection.

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