RedAlert is a low cost personal safety App for Android and Apple Smartphones. Students attending a University can now have a new level of security for only $5 monthly. The cost of a cup of coffee! They download an App which adds an emergency button to their Cellphone and when an emergency occurs anywhere at any time and the button is touched for a few seconds and providing their phones are on and connected to a network, Cellular or Wi-Fi, the alert is transmitted to a DataGate Processing Hub administered by the University Police or Security Department. ​

RedAlert App

The RedAlert App must be linked to a remote Datalink EduLink host, administered by a University or a private Security Agency. The cost for the RedAlert App installed in a Smartphone is only $5 per month. Pre-paid annually. 
RedAlert is a variant of security and tracking software developed by Datalink International for Government and Military Agencies in a number of countries. RedAlert is CLOUD based and secure and consists of two parts. A CLOUD based DataGate Processor and the WebGate Web-Browser App administered by the University Security Dept.
All communications, including GPS tracking, emergency alerts and two-way text messages are limited to communications between the Student in distress and the Police or Security Department. The Security Department has the right to relay emergency information to other Police and EMS units as needed when an emergency occurs.
NOTE! No wireless network service is100% reliable. A cellphone may not be connected  to the RedAlert monitoring system when an emergency occurs.  Your acceptance and use of the RedAlert GPS safety monitoring service acknowledges that you have read and you have acknowledged the fact that the system may not be active when needed.

WebGate’s GPS report (Active only when pressed) allows Campus Security Patrols to pin-point the exact location where an emergency alert was activated.

GPS location reports will be updated every minute, which is critical if a student has been abducted.

WebGate depicted on the left panel can be installed in portable Tablets and Laptops.

Click here for a bit of history on RedAlert and its creation.