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This wiki website is an attempt to give our users an extensive online resource that can be easily browsed and to cover a wide range of topics that you can simply search through. You will find here how-to's, video tutorials, tips for best use of your solution, extensive user guides of our server software and our web platform, etc …

Datalink Systems Inc is a hardware-agnostic and cross-network universal Telematics & IoT solutions provider. We deliver wireless data turn-key solutions over multiple wireless networks and provide custom development services for those companies that do not have the in-house expertise.

Whether you are tracking remote mobile assets such as vehicles, vessels or trains, aircraft or commercial boats, or communicating with remote pumps / weather stations, we provide you with the platform that enables you to act and feel as if you were positioned where your remote asset is. In addition to supporting the largest variety of compatible 3rd party hardware devices, we also have solutions on any terrestrial network including VHF/UHF and GSM/GPRS/4G LTE. Datalink Systems also integrates directly with satellite network providers such as Thuraya, Inmarsat, Iridium and Globalstar ! We are also developing applications that encompass a wide range of wireless technologies such as WiFi, SpreadSpectrum, RFID systems, BlueTooth 5.0 and LoraWan.

We are a customer focused market driven company. We provide innovative, high quality solutions even in the most remote environments. We are flexible and respond quickly to changing market needs. We offer solutions for many different applications: engine monitoring, alarm backup, temperature surveillance, job dispatch & driver status, lone worker protection, student and teacher safety, public safety, EMR and much more. We can protect your most valuable assets, your people!

Follow and monitor your assets in the field using our professional web-based user interface and receive messages when needed with email and SMS alerts. Exchange text messages and dispatch jobs with remote field personnel and retrieve vital information from vehicles, trailers, sensors, etc.. Retrieve historic data to generate management reports, trip summaries, incidents, events, and much more.

WebGate Platform

Equip your fleet of vehicles, buses, trains, trolleys, or whatever you need to manage remotely as well as protect your people in the field with the latest technology. We have integrated nearly 60 different trackers and portable beacons communicating over any satellite and cellular network available. We have partnered with the best proven manufacturers around the world to provide robust and reliable hardware solutions.


Our DataGate Server can be installed locally or in the Cloud. A MilGate version is also available with AES-256 Encryption For Military And Law Enforcement applications. It allows visualization and management of remote assets in near-real-time. This Client/Server solution defined as DataGate is at the very heart of our platform.

DataGate Server

Vocalis is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) over cellular system that is easy to use, gives you complete control, and covers more of the nation because of our unique network agnostic SIMs. This means you get the best PoC (PTT over Cellular) solution for wherever your field personnel are deployed. In addition to voice, our platform supports video streaming, GPS location, as well as the ability to create custom patrol routes for various situations that call for your people to be physically present at multiple locations throughout a given work shift.


Datalink Systems is an official solution provider for the primary satellite networks, offering direct links to Thuraya, Inmarsat, Globalstar and Iridium. We also offer international simcards with voice and data cellular coverage in over 160 countries at incredibly reduced roaming rates. In other words, we can connect you anywhere you go on the planet!


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