Public Web Page and Special Feeds

We provides an optional public web page available per user. This can be accessed without a login, but requires knowledge of the unique web page address. The page can be set via the User Configuration page, where a random 32-character hex address is generated.

For example, this address might look like:

See below how we have generated this public user web page

The public web page is intended to be use for public view obviously and thus carry no way to interact with the assets.

This is a simple and basic view mostly intended to be embedded in website using simple iframe. This can also be simply use for public shared screen for example.

There is at the bottom of the public web page 3 possible controls

  • Select All: it will zoom in the whole area including all the assets, at first login you might need to click on it to recenter the screen view on the assets
  • Follow: it will auto-center the screen view on the assets if moving
  • Street View: it will split the screen to display Google Street View panel and features alongside the Google map layer

You also have at the top right of the screen a screen icon that will display the page in full-screen mode.

You have all the possible Google map controls and options but you can't access to other map layers like on the standard platform screen.

We do provide 2 different method:

  • public kml feed: this is simply the above public page url with /kml at the end. it can be used in many 3rd party tool that cannot handle the authentification required in the other private kml feed method
  • private kml feed: this is a method that can be used for example in Google Earth with the Network Link tool as it handles the authentification required by this method which is basically using only the short url : and then authenticate with your usual credentials.

Security note : Obviously the second method is more secure as it is not using a public url, however this public url is not easy to guess as it is a unique auto-generated 32 hex url. The public url remains safe as long as the url is not leaked outside an organization for example. The public url has the great advantage to be easily used in many 3rd party tools and mapping solutions

As said you need first to generate your own public web page url as described in the above section and add /kml at the end. For example, this url might look like:

If you directly click on this link, it will only download on your desktop a kml file with the last GPS report from your assets. You can of course use this file to open it in Google Earth or any kml reader of your choice but there's a lot more to do with link. So for now simply copy-paste this kml link for later.


The Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK), for civilian use, or Android Tactical Assault Kit (also ATAK) for military use - is a suite of software that provides geospatial information and allows user collaboration over geography. ATAK was originally developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and is now maintained by the TAK Product Center (TPC). There is also a Windows PC version known as WinTAK also available free of use. More info are available on website and official website

We strongly advise this piece of software (should we say master piece !) whenever you need to display the assets location but you don't have enough bandwidth to run the web platform It allows to carry off-line map and thus the available network only to download the GPS reports from your assets from the datagate server. It is also a tool designed for field operation and thus carry features you won't find on our platform.

After install, go to the menu to find the KML dynamic network link part

A new panel will appears on the right side of the window, you can then add a new link using the PLUS sign

You only now need to enter informations as follows (use the kml public link and define a refresh time, do not use refresh time below 1 minute and choose in accordance with the report rate setup on the trackers

Google Earth

Windy App

This is mostly usable only on Google Earth. You can use the above detailed method or simply use this file: dynamic KML feed with auth

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