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In GPS tracking, the remote assets are set up to send some GPS reports at a predefined frequency. But this also in some applications useful to be able to acquire data when requested through a process called polling. Basically a message is sent out to a remote asset and waits for a reply.

The process is very different depending upon the network used and can be sometime not even possible. For example all the units operating over the Globalstar Simplex network cannot support such remote enquiry. As the network name do indicate (simplex), this network is a one-way only network and thus communication from land to remote asset is not possible !

In the assets list, open the asset menu and click on Poll Asset. When the remote asset do answer immediately, you will just receive a new GPS report. Sometimes it just takes time to be sent and you will then see next to the Poll Asset menu the status shown in yellow into brackets as sending….

When you send a poll to the asset, it will be notified at the bottom left of the window with a yellow notification banner :

You will also see the polling request in the message panel displayed until you receive an answer from the remote asset. If there is an answer, then the polling request message will simply disappear. But if the remote asset is not answering then you will see a special warning next to the message notification that will thus stay displayed.

There's many reasons why a poll can fail and it's worth looking at the below advices and basic rules to troubleshoot it.

When you click on the Poll Asset button, our server will actually send a request to the Iridium Gateway that will then send a Ring Alert to the remote asset if it is awake and connected to the Iridium network. Otherwise, our server will attempt to send it during 24 hours. The poll request message itself has been queued at the Iridium SBD Gateway and the remote asset will pick it up once it will be able to receive the Ring Alert notification.

Most of the iridium tracker that are powered up all the time by an external source (like in vehicle for example) are usually configured to be able to receive the Ring Alert message anytime and thus to retrieve the poll request consequently. But for the Iridium portable trackers that needs to save power but not being always on Iridium network, they are configured to wake up at predefined time slot to be able to retrieve messages queued at the gateway.

In other words, using the poll features with Iridium units needs to be done with full understanding of the above behavior. No need to click 10 times in 2 minutes to speed up the process, you will just queue more messages at the Iridium gateway. If the remote unit is off for example, it will obviously never catch the request !

As some general rules :

  • For units always-on (powered all the time and/or configured to be always connected on Iridium network), a poll request will usually takes around 1 minute, sometimes less.
  • For units that are configured to wake-up to send messages/reports or just retrieve Ring Alert from time to time, the poll request will be received depending upon the unit's settings. This is where you will need to bargain with the battery life you need to have as this is a concern only for units that are self-powered !
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