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DataGate is a Windows application that acts as a gateway between mobile assets operating on various data networks and end-user clients, allowing these clients to access the assets through a central interface. End-users can access the server directly through a web interface (WebGate), or via XML and external connections.

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DataGate 6.9 And Above Introduced Some Major Changes. Please Read Change Log Before Updating.


      Use async loading of Google Maps script.
      Update to Openlayers 8.2.0 and OLMS 10.6. This fixes incorrect base layer display for some ESRI vector maps.
      Added options to clear low battery warning in WebGate.
      Moved user map selection to user preferences section.
      Removed icon backgrounds from Google markers to align with OpenLayers appearance.
      Animate icon backgrounds when a new position is received.
      Bring asset icons to top of z-index when position is updated.
      Added option to send gps positions as marine emails.
      Added ship-specific parameters per asset.


      Added support for Meitrack over HTTPS.
      Added Teltonika modem type setting, and enabled I/O settings.
      Reduced delay before updating asset list alert counts.


      Fixed case where updating an old database version could cause asset I/O settings to reset to defaults.
      Confirm user links on startup.


      Ignore zero heading when speed is zero. Some modems switch to zero when stopped.
      Hide arrow on bus icons when heading unavailable.


      Fixed transit page showing blank message.
      Use default domain certificates if other domains don't have any.
      Log off old clients when upgrading from old version.


      Added Meitrack temperature sensor support.
      Fixed domain deletion.
      Fixed sensor priority inversion when loading settings.
      Improved asset import/export accuracy.
      Added Thuraya Marinestar advanced position report.
      Enable SNMP trap generation for alert/error logs.


      Fixed regression in 6.19.2 where TCP/A data was being ignored.


      Initial MQTT broker and InHand support.
      Initial ATAK support.
      Reverted to plain coloured text on white background for transit routes.


      Basic Spidertracks AFF support.
      Improve speed of processing user/asset links.


      Added Queclink GV75M crash report decoding.
      Added option to keep siren on until all alerts read.
      Added option to set custom siren sound.
      Show alert window and play siren when unhandled alerts present.
      Initial Teltonika support.
      Added DTLS support with separate UDP port.


      Fence points were not being saved after importing from csv file.


      Fix crash when reading long ini file settings.


      Fixed group checkboxes not toggling child nodes.
      Fixed html history style.
      Show notes under poi and fence properties window.
      Added setting to control when old assets are deleted from AIS/ADSB sources.


      Adding confirmation of app registration (via GUI and email).
      Added random number seed file to improve generation at startup.
      Reduce shutdown time when being closed by operating system.
      Added wizards to generate CSRs and improve certificate import process.
      Added HSTS and content type options HTTP headers.
      Removed Suntronics and SatMate features.
      Added separate 1024-bit DKIM keys to work with most DNS providers.
      Use separate CSS files.
      Added ping check using shell command.
      Added separate customization and TLS settings for each domain.
      Send confirmation to Caitland devices with outstanding alerts when handling all alerts.
      Fix sending multiple warnings to Caitland devices.


      Added ethernet connection for ICOM SAT100 connections.
      Remove add poi/fence option for users without permission.


      Use https to for licensing requests.


      Use normal priority for Firebase messaging to test support for Apple devices.


      Tag Class B AIS devices.


      Don't wait for queries to complete when shutting down by system.


      Only send geofence alerts on crossing (not on initial state).
      Removed email test buttons and final unsubscribe email.
      Added email abuse link.


      Removed ping check.


      Added Queclink GV65 support.


      Improve UTF8 support to allow more characters in messages.


      Initial ICOM SAT100 support.


      Add heatmap reports.
      Add option to delete old AIS/ADS-B data from history.


      Initial Pertamina support for emailing positions via attachment.


      Improve start-up time with large asset lists
      Improve map performance with large number of icons.


      Show DMS mouse location in OpenLayers (if user has DMS enabled).


      Show more AIS details under asset properties.


      Added Meitrack TLS port.
      Added initial ADS-B decoding.
      Remove database writes for assets from sources with no history.


      Unsubscribed admin emails were being sent in some cases.


      Move nearest poi calculation to browser.
      Add link to nearest poi in properties.
      Nearest poi shows closest visible poi.
      Fixed nearest poi heading calculation.


      Fix history page not showing.
      Improve history page layout.
      Don't count login attempts for inactive users (reduces alerts when old account tries to connect).


      Inactive users not counted for license use.
      Refresh licenses whenever editing users or assets.
      Improve speed when enabling/disabling Google map labels.


      Added labels to public user page
      Fixed radio site and rssi levels not showing on history.
      Fixed Google map labels not toggling correctly.    


      Added PLD settings command descriptions.
      Reduce number of toast messages when multiple messages updated.
      Removed internal raw data handling, as no longer used.


      Clear Meitrack position if invalid flag set.
      Added Vocalis update rate option.
      Fixed issue with frames showing in separate tab in Firefox.
      Initial group messaging support.        


      Minor UI fixes.
      Support fast database update with older databases.


      Limit index reorganize to once per day.


      Fixed touch/nontouch switch.
      Fixed history asset scan returning no results.


      Added web token to post requests to prevent cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks.
      Reset low battery flag when changing asset types.
      Added new method to update database version 48, which should be much faster (but may only work on SQL Server).
      Enabled automatic database index reorgnization by default (during maintenance window).

☞ You can check the full detailed changes for all previous versions here: Full Change Logs

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