Above and Beyond

in a class by itself. Multi-Network bridging on common screens!

Network agnostic SIMS auto-switch between networks. Datalink Dealers buy VoiP airtime direct. Giving them bigger margins!

BoxChip S900B VoiP ! Rugged and Watertight with high quality loud audio

Ulefone ARMOR X

The Bivy communicates with the Iridium Satellite Network and connects to 4G terminals over Bluetooth. This provides two-way texting and GPS tracking when cell' is lost.

Hytera, ICOM, Kenwood & TAIT all offer a "Stand Alone" single cellular network PTToC service. Datalink's VOCALIS 5G-4G is fully integrated with Datalink's WebGate.

Datalink’s VOCALIS PTToC works everywhere. Our global SIMS delivers a network agnostic PTToC, M2M Cellular Service, providing new, recurring revenue opportunities for resellers. Datalink’s VOCALIS is fully integrated with WebGate and VOCALIS is available in a number of languages.
VOCALIS is network agnostic and our Global SIMS connect automatically to the strongest GSM Tower irrespective of carrier ownership.

4G-W2 Android Terminal. High quality with loud audio. Includes mapping and text messages


developed by Datalink Systems


The VOCALIS-DC Dispatcher, is a multi-functional and visualization-dispatching system that includes private call, group calls, sending messages, creating dynamic groups, disconnecting, stuning, monitoring, GPS tracking etc. It can provide timely dispatching functions for most companies. Operationally VOCALIS-DC Dispatcher station is Windows based. It is recommended to use 1024 x768 screen resolution.

Branch Offices can talk to each other or in group discussions as needed.

Datalink sells Software. Resellers source hardware terminals directly from manufacturers and distributors

Or our Regional Distributor. Contact us for details