Above and Beyond

Cloud Based Global Communications for SAR Teams

When major, global-warming-accelerated catastrophes occur, Datalink’s cloud links SAR teams together using automatic geo-zoning to exchange text messages and GPS locations with incident commanders in addition to other teams. Teams would continue to use their UHF/VHF radios between their own team members. A base or mobile command station using Datalink’s WebGate can see GPS location of all assets and exchange text messages with other teams.

In locations where cellular 4G coverage is available, the Datalink smartphone application will link directly to the cloud DataGate control hub. Outside of cellular coverage the NAL Quicksilver Iridium satellite terminal allows team leaders to stay linked to command posts.

NAL Quicksilver

The QS-100 delivers the latest Iridium Certus 100 mid-band service in a compact, rugged package for global on-the-move (OTM), over-the-horizon (OTH), and beyond-line-of-site (BLOS) connectivity. Suitable for both standalone usage and embedded integration, it simplifies low-profile installations by employing a small detachable, passive, omnidirectional antenna. The QS-100’s modular design makes it the ideal mid-band solution for remote command and control (C2), diagnostic monitoring, telemetry, and voice applications.


When search and rescue workers are in distress they simply press the SOS button on their Solara Flare or TrackLink on their smartphone, their GPS location is automatically routed to WebGate screens carried by rescue teams and helicopters equipped with a NAL Quicksilver satellite system.

VOC900B Rugged 4G LTE PoC Handset

The DLI-RD11 rugged 4G/3G tablet with 10" Gorilla Glass screen and 1000NITS brightness provides team leaders with two-way text messages with search commanders.

The Problem with All VHF/UHF Radio Networks

When volunteer SAR teams from other regions join forces to respond to a major incident, each group usually bring their own portable radios. The radios are on their own assigned frequency channels which typically do not link to other groups’ portable radios. This is a global problem and reliable communications between groups is critical.

Update to 4G Wide Area Networking

Datalink’s Global SAR with global network agnostic SIMs can deliver a common communications platform for any location. Add Vocalis PoC for voice communications.

PoC (PTT over Cellular)
Datalink and its global partners can provide Vocalis PoC service in most countries with 4G cellular networks. Team leaders equipped with a VOC900B 4G/3G handset and Vocalis talk instantly between groups or one to one with no distance limits or incompatible frequencies. The VOC900B smartphone also displays maps showing all of your assets.

Datalink's SARLink Android application allows members to touch the red panel for three seconds to send an immediate alert when in distress. This alert is relayed to all team members and over the cloud network to the remote command center.

Our Global Clients

Datalink International and its core team have been working together for over 20 years. In that time Datalink has created specialized solutions for a wide range of clients around the globe. The Royal New Zealand Air Force equipped its P3 Orion long range patrol aircraft with Datalink i50 MobiHubs and were later involved in the search for the missing Boeing 777 MH370. The Swedish Space Agency uses the Datalink i50 MobiHub to control high altitude scientific balloons rising to altitudes over 100,000 ft.

US Embassy Attack

On September 2011 Taliban fighters attacked the US embassy in Kabul. A few days later the US State Department contacted Datalink to ask if Datalink could provide a GPS application to work with the embassy’s P25 portable radios.

Datalink delivered a working solution, including DataGate and WebGates, within a few weeks. Providing GPS tracking for all their P25 portables.

London Metropolitan Police

In 2007 the London Metropolitan Police anti-terrorism squad contracted Datalink to develop an Android-based, covert GPS tracking system for undercover officers.

UK Ministry of Defence

Datalink is under a multi-year contract to deliver bespoke variants of DataGate for undisclosed applications.

UK Ministry of Defence

US Marshals Service

US Department of State

Australian Attorney-General's Department

Royal New Zealand Air Force

Philippine Navy

Swedish National Space Agency

London Metropolitan Police Service