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Global SAR is a variant of Datalink’s WebGate, in use with many government and military agencies around the globe, including the U.K. Ministry of Defence, the Australian Attorneys General’s Department, the Phillipine Navy, and others. Global SAR has been reformatted to provide an open cloud platform that merges SAR GPS data from 3rd party systems and other Global SAR users on Datalink’s open cloud. Merging this information allows other team leaders and incident commanders to view all activity including two-way text messages.

Global SAR does not replace existing GPS maps and tracking systems unless you decide to replace your aging GPS tracking system. Global SAR is a separate system that adds a new viewing and messaging layer for all regions. In normal SAR operations the Global SAR coverage area can be set at a 25km radius as example. There is no actual limit.

Global SAR is part of FireLink Live open cloud service. In a major incident, all emergency service assets that are linked to FireLink Live will appear in the Global SAR screens, including rescue helicopters with five second updates.

Free to evaluate for one month. Team managers please email for cloud access code.

WebGate would be installed in the command computer. Fixed location or mobile.

$119 per Quarter


The FireLink Android application is a free download and supports SAR and wildfire firefighters. The cost to route GPS locations and exchange two-way text messages with the command desk has a cost of only $45 per quarter.


$45 per Quarter

Save 15% and Buy Annual Service Annual Cost $153 per Member

Note: FireLink accounts can be reassigned as required.

All orders should be processed by the team manager as the sole FireLink account administrator.
Special limited introductory offer. The first 50 teams placing an annual pre-paid order for a minimum of $500 will receive an additional 10% discount.