Your Eyes See the Complete Picture

The human brain processes only one spoken word at a time while multiple images are processed in milliseconds. Wildfire commanders and regional fire chiefs are required to make multiple decisions quickly. FireLink provides on-screen information in seconds.

FireLink cloud is not complex. It is simply an open database and related web screens. These screens display GPS location data, text messages and alerts from 3rd party tracking and communication systems. This includes remote ground and air assets as well as teams involved in wildfire firefighting or search and rescue. Assigned access credentials are used to control who sees what. 

FireLink does not replace existing systems.It is a CLOUD application that processes a wide range of data from 3rd party systems and merges the data on to common shared video screens ranging from Smartphones to Wall Screens via 4G/LTE LMR and Satellite links.

FireLink is based on Datalink’s DataGate Server software, in use by military and government agencies in many countries. 

Linked Tracking Solutions

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SAR for Firefighters in Distress

When firefighters are in distress they simply press the SOS button on their Iridium Bivy Stick or FireLink on their smartphone, their GPS location is automatically routed to FireLink Live screens carried by rescue teams and helicopters equipped with either a cellular modem / router either a satellite option from Iridium such as the Nal QuickSilver that have higher bandwidth in a small form factor and bespoke configuration. A few possible link options :

  • GPS track ground firefighters with the BivyStick and Firelink App.
  • Track Fire Trucks with existing 3rd party GPS or new 4G devices.
  • GPS track all field workers with Smartphone Android Firelink App. and BivyStick.
  • Link other agencies such as EMS and Law Enforcement over LMR and 4G.
  • Track aircraft with direct feed ADS-B integrated with 4G / LTE.  ADS_B latency alone is not acceptable.
  • 3G-4G PTToC Nation-wide group talk with www.VOCALIS.LIVE Allows different teams miles apart to group talk PTT.
  • Link DataGate installed in mobile Command Vehicles to SpaceX Starlink mobile terminals.

Track Water Bombers and Bambi-Bucket Location Drops

Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effective Water Delivery
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Portable Convenience

Key Features

  • GPS location tracking using ADS-B or on-board GPS hardware 
  • Fully Collapsible
  • Designed for Maximum Durability and Strength
  • Low Power Consumption (5A @ 28VDC)
  • GPS location of start and end of dump
  • High-Flow Dump Valve

PTToC (Push-To-Talk over Cellular)

Vocalis is 3G-4G based, multi-group, long range, voice/video/data with GPS tracking.

Vocalis connects multiple remote Android smartphones with Vocalis installed for mixed group conference calls.

The handset depicted in this section is the Datalink VOC900B with showerproof housing and loud, clear audio.