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Global Warming is Creating Catastrophes Including Wildfires, Flooding & Hurricanes Around the Globe
ERLI is a new open cloud service that provides a visual overview with two-way voice and text communications for on-site responders, remote commanders, and other key personnel. ERLI links desktops, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. ERLI connects fixed and mobile assets to the ERLI open cloud. All assets on ground and in the air appear on screens in almost real time. Air asset tracking is by direct ADS-B feed from servers.
ERLI is based on Datalink's DataGate / WebGate software in use by military and government agencies in many countries.

Mobile Radios

VHF/UHF mobile radios are the most common and current mode of communications when responding to emergencies. However over the past few years when global warming catastrophes occur and multiple emergency agencies respond, the various teams with their mobile radios often cannot communicate with other teams due to incompatible radio channels or channel overload with too many radios trying to communicate at the same time. Shared cache radios is a partial solution, but catastrophes caused by global warming demand a more advanced mobile communications solution!
ERLI does not replace current mobile radios. It acts as a new communications layer. ERLI uses 4G and satellite networks to share live video screens showing all ground and air assets with typically under five second latency. PTToC voice and text messages and also SOS emergency alerts are routed over 4G or satellite as they occur. GPS transmissions from mobile and portable radios are processed in seconds.


In 2021 the town of Lytton, in B.C. Canada was razed from the face of the earth in less than 30 minutes by a wildfire fanned by strong winds that grew to engulf the whole town with residents fleeing on foot to escape the flames.

Datalink Systems’ ERLI software is compatible with a wide range of satellite, cellular and LMR mobile radio networks with focus on ICOM which offers the widest range of networks and hardware.
TrakLink is an Android application and a free download to personal smartphones. TrakLink provides an SOS and two-way text link with the ERLI cloud host. Any wildfire firefighter in distress can activate the SOS button. The current GPS and ID is processed by ERLI then retransmitted to all assets and workers in the same area. TrakLink also provides a two-way text messaging link.

Datalink’s ERLI software can deliver state-of-the-art voice/video/data processing over a choice of satellite and terrestrial networks including Iridium, Globalstar, Inmarsat, and Thuraya. 2G/3G/4G cellular and land mobile radio.


Flooding in Erftstadt Blessem, Germany killed at least 143 people in 2021.

Global warming caused devastating floods in many countries such as Germany and Australia in 2022.

When major floods occur, all emergency services respond. Agencies responding to floods include: ambulance services, search and rescue, police, and firefighting services. Interagency communications and GPS location of all responders can be supported by Datalink’s Vocalis PTToC 4G group talk service.

Many mobile radios used by rescue personnel include GPS tracking modules. GPS data can be routed from those radios to the ERLI open cloud providing current location of personnel.

Datalink recommends the ICOM range of mobile radios which offer conventional LMR, 4G, and Iridium satellite service. ICOM mobile radios also include GPS and two-way texting through ERLI servers.


Hurricanes in the Caribbean caused widespread devastation in 2021.

Hurricanes, flooding, and wildfires can occur worldwide. Some countries are well equipped to respond to natural disasters, while other countries with smaller economies rely upon the UN, NGOs, and other countries for support.

For low cost satellite communications Datalink recommends the Solara Flare-DG. The device tracks and protects search teams in regions lacking cellular coverage. The Solara FLARE-DG provides Iridium two-way texting and GPS tracking with a BlueTooth link to smartphones.

Live Streaming Drone Video Feeds

4G cellular networks or Iridium satellite over an Iridium Certus 100 provides live streaming between drones and multiple remote screens.

High altitude drones hovering at 65,000 feet can provide a very wide viewing area helping monitor the spread of wildfires. High altitude drones could also be used as 4G mobile cell sites provide cellular coverage in remote regions.

Easy Integration

ERLI is cloud based with web browser access. You just go to and input your ID and password. Integration with existing communication systems is straight-forward. Remote assets including GPS and other data is routed to Datalink’s cloud server. Web access requires an ID and password to view all screens. Where equipment such as fire trucks are not equipped with GPS or other wireless data hardware consult Datalink for support.

NOTE: While Datalink works hard to ensure compatibility, integration software development between some 3rd party hardware and DataGate host software may be required.

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Our Global Clients

Datalink International and its core team have been working together for over 20 years. In that time Datalink has created specialized solutions for a wide range of clients around the globe. The Royal New Zealand Air Force equipped its P3 Orion long range patrol aircraft with Datalink i50 MobiHubs and were later involved in the search for the missing Boeing 777 MH370. The Swedish Space Agency uses the Datalink i50 MobiHub to control high altitude scientific balloons rising to altitudes over 100,000 ft.

US Embassy Attack

On September 2011 Taliban fighters attacked the US embassy in Kabul. A few days later the US State Department contacted Datalink to ask if Datalink could provide a GPS application to work with the embassy’s P25 portable radios.

Datalink delivered a working solution, including DataGate and WebGates, within a few weeks. Providing GPS tracking for all their P25 portables.

London Metropolitan Police

In 2007 the London Metropolitan Police anti-terrorism squad contracted Datalink to develop an Android-based, covert GPS tracking system for undercover officers.

UK Ministry of Defence

Datalink is under a multi-year contract to deliver bespoke variants of DataGate for undisclosed applications.

UK Ministry of Defence

US Marshals Service

US Department of State

Australian Attorney-General's Department

Royal New Zealand Air Force

Philippine Navy

Swedish National Space Agency

London Metropolitan Police Service